10 ways to boost productivity using technology

10 ways to boost productivity using technology

It doesn’t matter whether you are running a business or just looking forward to improving your career as a professional, the one thing that you will need to focus on is increasing your productivity. In the modern era, the competition in each and every industry out there has increased by many folds and this is why you will need to make sure that you are putting in your 100% otherwise you will be left behind in the neck-wrenching race of competition. Whether you talk about the FMCG sector or your career as an accountant, you will have to consider productivity if you want to get palpable results.

You should know that we are living in an era where technology is no more an option for each and everybody out there. And technology is no more limited to a particular sector or profession. Gone are those days when using technological solutions like QuickBooks on the cloud were considered as a part of the luxury as, in the modern era, it has rather become a necessity for each and every one out there. If you will not be using technology then you will surely be slow, inaccurate, and less productive. And with so much competition all around the world, there is no room for error.

But the good news is you can use many different types of technological solutions for increasing your productivity and you will not need to become a tech expert or spend 2–3 years in mastering technology. The modern day technological solutions are not only smart and advanced but they are easy to use as well. This is why, in this blog post, we are going to discuss some of the best ways you can boost your productivity as a professional or as a firm owner by using the modern day technology.

Use group chats

Miscommunication can prove to be costly and this is why you should avoid it at all costs. Well, even most of the people are aware of this fact, every year, businesses lose in thousands of dollars just because of miscommunication. But if you want to improve this aspect then you can start using group chats offered by the modern day messaging platforms like Whatsapp.

Video conferencing

If you are not able to bring your team together under one roof during the COVID-19 pandemic and if this is confining your productivity because of lack of brainstorming then you should start using video conferencing to start virtual meetings. Video conferencing platforms like Zoom will allow you to stay connected with your teammates even from your home. There are many other video conferencing platforms as well.

Simplify daily tasks

Everyone in your firm must be doing small mundane task every day and it might be consuming a small portion of their office hours. You don’t pay attention to such small tasks but over a course of a week or a month or a year, this will start piling up. But you can use technology to get rid of these mundane tasks. For example, you can use a password protector if you share a system and files that are password protected.

Make project management seamless

A big project in your firm must be bringing along a lot of chaos. Person A might start working on part Z of the project without knowing that person B is already working on it. This is just an example of how a project can create chaos in your firm. But you can make project management seamless in your firm just by using project management software solutions like Asana.

Automate time tracking

If you are employees are still using time cards and timesheet is still being used in your firm then your firm is missing on the advantages offered by an automated time tracking system. By automating the process of time-tracking through software, you will save yourself thousands of dollars and lots of time as well.

Wipe out the need for manual file sharing

You must have waited several minutes for a file that is being sent by one of your employees. And you must have been poked by your employees for files they need on an immediate basis. File sharing is something that is done by all the companies and instead of doing it manually, you should use file sharing apps like DropBox and Google Drive for automated file sharing.

Use cloud for global access

Your accessibility must be confined just because you are using software solutions by installing them on your desktop. Every time you need to work, you need to return back to your office desktop. But if you will start using cloud solution, then you will be able to share, edit, upload, download, and work on your files from any corner of the world.

Make everything scheduled

Just knowing what you need to do when you need to do will not be enough. While working in a company, you will always have more on your plate, and forgetting something important is very common. But when you will start using technologies like Google calendar then you will be able to make sure that you don’t miss even the simplest thing that you planned to do.

Remote employees onboarding

If you are still thinking that hiring employees through direct interviews and then keeping them under the roof of the office is the only way to run your business then you haven’t explored the technological options. You can easily hire an employee in Australia with your office in the UK and they can work from their home without even the need of being present in your office.

Bolster employee management

You will be surprised to know that all the employees working in your firm will be willing to work extra hours if you will bolster employee engagement. While making your employees work overtime shouldn’t be your only goal but if you will use technological solutions like TINYpulse then you will be able to make your employees feel more valuable.

There are many ways you can boost productivity in your firm by using technology and this is just a glimpse of what technology has got to offer you.

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