An insight to the great;- Bhangarh Fort

An insight to the great;- Bhangarh Fort

When we talk about the past, we are mainly keen to know the history of the world. We always find ourselves much more enthusiastic in researching the oldest and greatest monuments of pre-independent nation. And one of the oldest and also rumoured to be the haunted heritage is in Rajasthan, India. Yes! You must have heard it or read about, “The great Bhangarh Fort”.

The Bhangarh Fort was built in the 17th century during the regime of Kaccwaha Rajputs. Bhangarh fort is situated in Bhangarh village in Rajasthan’s Alwar district.Bhagwant Das is the man who got this fort constructed for his younger son, Madho Singh I. It was meant to be a residential fort. And Madho Singh I ruled his whole life in this fort.

This Fort is believed to be cursed:

As per the sources, there have been two legendary myths about the resultant of the Bhangarh fort being cursed off. The city area where the fort ruins remain today used to belong to a hermit named Guru Bala Nath. Madho Singh, I requested the hermit to permit him to build the fort there. To this, the Guru replied;-
You may get your palace built but there is a condition. And my condition is that you make sure that the shadow of your palace must not fall under my meditating arena. If that ever happens, I curse your palace to be crumbled under destruction and ruins will remain forever.

The saint proclaimed this condition as he wanted only his house to be the tallest in that city area. Although the approval was given by the hermit but the tragedy has to be the end. The shadow of the entire emperor’s palace felt over the saint’s retreat and the building turned into the black leftover ruins. And the people residing in that city immediately vacated that area assuming it to be cursed.

Until the date, nobody has managed to re-built/ re-design/ re-structured that ruin.

Why was the Bhangarh’s princess Ratnavati assassinated?

The other famous and the most prominent belief behind the fort destruction is the story revolving around the woman, Ratnavati. Princess Ratnavati was one of the descendent of the Bhangarh’s regime. Her immense beauty has such a charismatic attraction that could draw anybody towards her imperfection physique and attire. She was known to be the most beautiful woman all over Asia.

When Ratnavati turned 18, many states kings and prince tried to participate in her Swayamvara to get a quick preview of her beauty and grab the chance to make her their life partner. But nobody could impress the princess. In one of her marketing journey, she encountered with an occult black magician, Singhia who moulded deep by her appearance that he offered her a love potion oil. But the trick went in vain as the princess caught the whole idea. She threw the potion at the bedrock which turned into a rolling black stone and hit backed the magician. He died on the spot of his occult potion reflex action. Before dying, he cursed the whole Bhangarh fort with no offsprings birth for all the coming generations.

A year later, the battle of Bhangarh and Ajabgarh took place in which Rani Ratnavati died.

The horrifying mystery of the Fort remains unknown to all.

The above two stories have been tuning on the internet since then. Nobody has ever dared to interfere with the ruins of the monuments. This place has been the most questioned and the most haunted one in the world.

The nearest village to this city is Gola ka baas where people still assume that the princess is still alive and will surely come one day to create her regime for the coming time.

Paranormal activities have been noted here:

If looked at the two faces of the coin, this place has been googled by even the layman no doubt. Scientists exaggerate the fact that there is no such ghost existence in the fort while the locals believe the other way round. Villagers say that they have heard paranormal activities going on inside the fort. According to their perception, there is a loud cry of a woman shouting in pain. They also state that they have seen the light shadow of the ghost around during the night hours.

Further, they claim to be listening to the bangles sounds. Be it superstitious belief or just a myth, they say- One day their queen will return to her kingdom.

Geographical location to reach Bhangarh Fort:

This place lies in the Alwar district which is 285-300 km from Delhi route. One may hire a jeep/ car for the spot destination. There are mainly Hindus temples, parks around. It hardly costs around 10k-15k INR. Jaipur International Airport is the nearest plane available. Due to the rumours and stories aboard, the entry gate is opened in day’s hours and is shut down with the sunset. The main palace is 2km away from the entry gate. Vehicles are prohibited in that unpaved road. One needs to walk-in and walk-back the distance.

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