For What Purposes Can LinkedIn be used

For What Purposes Can LinkedIn be used

In today’s era of digitalization, every single entity has an online presence. There are many online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. However, LinkedIn is found to be the most prominent and a professional platform for businesses. It got introduced in 2002 and was launched in 2003. Since then, it is a leading online social platform with 630 million registered members across the world.

LinkedIn and Its Significance

Let’s understand the importance of LinkedIn and why it is different from other social communication platforms.

LinkedIn for All

As LinkedIn promotes professionalism, you can connect with different audiences like:

• Professionals: CEO, CMO, Developers, Managers, Executives, etc.
• Business, Organisation or Industries: All Manufacturing, retailing, MNCs and others.
• A working individual: The one who is working and earning wages as per the work.
• Students: who are about to complete their education and are in search for best job opportunities.

LinkedIn for Every Purpose/Goal

Everyone uses LinkedIn as a social platform for various purposes. It can be:

• To hire excellent talent
• To be updated with recent business demands
• To promote and grow your business
• To reach high-value clientele
• To explore employment opportunities in various sectors

Linked for Learning

With all the new and fancy updates, LinkedIn also provides a learning platform. It guides you to:

• Build a roadmap of success with effective market research and analysing the profiles of the experts from various fields.
• Learn different courses required to build skillsets for a specific job profile.
• Adapt new skills and ideas to grow your business.
• Have a mind-set to build effective strategies for business promotions.

LinkedIn to showcase your talent

No talent goes wasted on a social media platform. Even on LinkedIn, there are frequent online challenges and competitions for you to participate in and get certified. Taking part in these activities will highlight you and your talent online among your connections for better opportunity areas. You can also add participation certificates of online and offline courses. Updating the LinkedIn profile with your past experiences and rewards and achievements is an add-on to showcase your talent.

LinkedIn for Guidance

Experienced people are sharing their struggles for you to take a note of their success stories. Go through the blogs shared by these people on LinkedIn for more information. You may also follow-up by sending a message but make sure it is not spam.

The Special Features of LinkedIn Premium for Business

There are 4 categories for premium accounts which are free for the first three months and after that, it is paid:
1. Career: This is more suitable for students. The students get in touch with recruiters or HR.
2. Sales: This is majorly used by those who are in the search of potential leads. Marketing & Sales department can utilize this kind of premium account so they get connected to the potential leads.
3. Hiring: This is utilized by hiring managers to recruit the best candidates. The related job seekers’ profiles are shown to the hiring managers. It helps the hiring manager to find the best-in-breed.
4. Business: This feature is beneficial for companies and businesses, irrespective of their size and scale. It is a premium feature that helps you grow globally. It connects you with the targeted people and provides real insights.

How to grow your business on LinkedIn?

There are many key points that should be handled with more attention to grow your business.
1. Personal Details: The details (email, city, mobile no., current position, etc.) mentioned for the public view should be recent and accurate.
2. Documents: The certificates and updated resume should be uploaded.
3. Engaging with your connections: You should be socially engaged with your connections by:

• Making more connections and not limiting yourself by connecting to only those whom you may know. Research is always a better option.
• Congratulating your leads on their achievements and sending them messages to build trusted relationships
• Greeting them on special days
• Keeping a check on who has viewed your profile and adding them.
• Liking and commenting your valuable reviews on relevant posts
• Replying to every comment on your post whether or not in favour
• Posting valuable content regularly
• For companies, posting updates about their work environment, employees, and office as it would matter a lot for fresher candidates before joining any organization

Why is it important for business professionals to use LinkedIn?

1. Professional Groups: Following professional groups of the respective communities that might interest you would let you gain popularity for your business. Professional groups are those where the recruiters post jobs and job seekers can grab the opportunities to get hired quickly.
2. Analytics: The best of the LinkedIn toolkit is Analytics; one can easily track its status of growth or progress. Analytics feature helps analyse every single aspect of your profile or business page and draws the statistics and overview in a very simple format.
3. LinkedIn Advertisements: To market your business or brand for a global reach you should invest in ads or campaigns on LinkedIn also.
4. Real-insights: The great feature of LinkedIn is that you get notified when someone has viewed your profile.

Key Takeaways:

Thus, LinkedIn is one of the best social platforms for having professional connections with different people. Creating a business account on this platform shall grab lots of attention from the consumers that will lead to heavy traffic on your websites and blogs. This is a very easy-to-use and trending platform to make your business known in the eyes of multiple customers at one stop. It increases the goodwill of both People as well as the Company.
The features discussed in the blog makes LinkedIn stand out differently among other online social platforms. Surprisingly, LinkedIn has a Two-Factor authentication security feature so that the passwords get encrypted and can’t be hacked. LinkedIn is a very effective platform to promote your business throughout the globe at a faster pace.

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