Link Building and its Importance for SEO

Link Building and its Importance for SEO

What is Link Building?

Link building is also known as inbound links. Building Link is a process where one creates their link and share them on social media to make people aware of it and also generate traffic on their website via several clicks on that site.

How does Link Building works?

Let’s groove on some tips about its workings:

  1. Buzzsumo – Here, one can type keywords related to their industry, after which it will show them all the popular articles based on social shares. Then they must take up the articles which are in-depth and list-based which will break down things step by step. After all this, one needs to create infographics with the same information and also can add data according to their choice and spice it up. As all the content is in front of them, they need to cite the source that they got all the information’s from the specific website while creating the infographics. It will go viral too as most of the people look up to images rather than thousands of text words. One can use Infogram or Canva to help build their infographics or also they can use to find the designer to help them create infographics for them. And also the charges for the designer won’t be more than 500 bucks. After the creation of infographics, one needs to make sure that their infographics have to be super visual means if it is data-rich, then it’s great but if it has tones of colors and hard to look at and also if steps are not flown in smooth patterns, then it’s bad.
  2. Embed code – Now, as the infographics are up and running, one needs to put embed code at the bottom of their infographics so, that other people can take those infographics and put on their website. Ok! This deed will result in linking back to your website. If one does not know the embed code handling, then they can use plugins on word press called WP embed code generator. And this will create embed code for them which people will simply copy and paste and slap one’s infographics on their websites and then people are able to create embed it so, that will create one’s backlinks. One needs to get traffic on their website because if they don’t get traffic, no one is going to embed it.
  3. Back to Buzzsumo – For the above mentioned, one needs to go back to buzz sumo and find the articles which have all the shares. Then click on view shares which will break every single person that shared the article on twitter, and one may email them. Out of it, many people will respond that they want to see it, not only they will share it but a lot of them will embed it.
  4. Ahrefs – The next thing one needs to do is, go on the website, put in that competitor article, and see that every single person will link to ‘em and email ‘em. It’s very simple as a lot of people linked to the article that means they liked it and respond back with yes. So, do they embed the infographics? Once one has got the audience, then they focus on the betterment of the content.
  5. Skyscraper Technique – It is a technique invented by Brian Dean. This means, suppose one gets back to buzz sumo, type in a keyword looking for the articles like “12 ways to double your search engine traffic” and also wants to go deeply and thoroughly for more contents like “106 ways to double your search engine traffic” and again wants to go through the same things i.e., click on view shares. One hit up to those people using an email and get them to share one’s articles. And finally boom! One gets more traffic, more backlinks, and it will keep rolling in like a snowball effect. The same things could be done with Ahrefs. Just hit it and type in one’s competitors URL, and can see all the people who link to ‘em and which articles get the most links. One must write a better version of those articles and email ‘em again with the same email template and asking them to link to ones. By doing those things, one gets a ton of links.
  6. Hello Bar – Now, as the one gets traffics coming to their website -they need to follow one last thing. They need to use the tool, hello bar as it makes the collection of emails really simple. While the collection of this email is on, the ending becomes easier as more of new blog publishing results in them knowing the same via emails. They are more likely to come back to the website, likely to see it, and likely to come back to one’s website and likely to link back to one. Email subscribers are one’s most loyal readers.

It’s Importance for SEO Ranking Signals

The number 1 factor which comes in the search engine is links. Moz did a survey and interviewed the SEO experts on which the outcome was that the major factor affecting google rankings is links. Links are really hard to build. Before backlink, one must make sure that their content is on-page optimized i.e., its SEO friendly content. Quality backlinks are the must if one wants to rank high in google search engines.

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Strategies of Link Building

Before proceeding ahead, let us work deep into a backlink. One’s websites link placed on another website link is known as backlinks. Let’s have a look at some strategies for link building.

  1. Link Roundups – The blog posts that curate and link to outstanding content on a daily, weekly, monthly basis are known as link roundups. Firstly, one needs to find out link roundups in their industry. Once the link roundups are found in a good fit, after which one can pitch their content. Example -when one’s script is not spammy, they can email it and ask the person to add it in their next roundups and if they do so, one gets a sweet link.
  2. Broken Link Building – When most people build links, they send generic pictures that have zero value. But it’s different with broken one as with broken link building, one adds value to the other website before asking for the link. Let’s check on the step by step process.
    • Firstly, add check my links to google chrome as it is a free google chrome extension that can find broken links on any page.
    • Now, searching for the site, one wants to get a link from or seeking for keywords related to one’s industry.
    • Check for broken links, for this one needs to visit the recent site -they found and then run the check my link extension which will reveal all the broken links on that page.
    • Finally, let the site owner know about their broken link so, one can offer their content for replacement. And the email one sent must be personalized to the extent that they get more links. One can also pitch their SEO posts for a replacement for the dead link. If one adds value first, then only they can ask for a return on which people will happily provide the link.
  3. Links From Podcasts – There is a big chunk of backlinks going on podcasts. So, one can become guest and add as many podcasts, they desire. Not only these podcasts return traffic in one’s way but they also result in tons of high-quality backlinks.
  4. Creation Of Strategies And Methods – According to Merlin Mann, who outlined something called inbox zero. It’s a productive approach where ones use their inbox as a to-do list. This simple idea could generate over 5,000 backlinks. If looked over to the backlinks, there is a pattern. Most people link to the page because they outline a strategy with a unique name i.e., inbox zero.
  5. Source For Reporters And Bloggers – If today someone wants to rank on the 1st page of google then all they need to do is build links from authority news sites and blogs in their industry. It’s not that hard as it sounds, it’s indeed is very doable via free service called Haro. It is a kind of dating site for public relations. It connects to bloggers and journalists who need sources for people wanting links and press mentions. This strategy is not that easy but it is one of the best ways to build quality backlinks at scale. Let’s dive into the step by step process:
    • Firstly, must register as a source.
    • Once signed up, one gets 3 emails per day from reporters looking sources like this.
    • One can send their pitch if they find the request that sounds like a good fit.
  6. Pre-Outreach – If one’s post has the potential to rank number 1 in google for their target for which they need to build link 1st. This could be done by promoting posts before publishing them. This is called pre-outreach.
  7. Resource Page Link Building – Links from Edu websites are super powerful. To get university sites to link to ones, here are edu resources pages. Let’s see its workings.
    • Many universities have resource pages where they link to content that might help their students and faculty.
    • For example- A resource page that links to content about sports and fitness and it has a website regarding the same, for that one needs to find resource pages. To do that, one needs to pop these search strings into Google.
    • Then one needs to see if their content is a good fit for that page.
    • Finally, email to the person who runs that resource page about the proven script.
    • Also one must be alert that only 5% of the .edu sites one reaches will only add to their content. It’s bad but the good news is that even 1 or 2 of these links can become a massive difference in one’s google rankings.
  8. Moving Man Method – This method is very simple as here, first one needs to find out webpages, resources, businesses, etc which are outdated and just rebranded or has recently changed names. After which one needs to find sites that are still linking to these outdated sources and finally, updating people about this using outdated resources business.
  9. Guestographics – It’s really hard to build links on e-commerce sites as nobody would want to link up their sites which are totally product and category oriented pages. This is what! One must realize, that to build a link, they must publish awesome content and this can be done by:
    • Firstly, put together an epic piece of content -an ultimate guide to Australian gin. This guide contains everything someone may want to know about the same in a single place.
    • Then they need to promote their content via email outreach. One must reach out to the right people and send their personalized emails where some people might offer to link to one’s guide. All these backlinks boost ones ranking for a keyword that is customer’s search for every day, Australian gin.
  10. Opportunities With Google Images – A lot of people believe that guest posting is dead when it comes to building links. But it’s not true in reality, in fact, while starting out-guest posting is one of the best ways to build links to one’s site. The links one gets from guest posting gives much organic traffic a nice early boost. Just make sure always to only write guest posts for quality sites in one’s niche. If one writes amazing guest posts for quality sites in their industry, these links do help. To find guest sites to guest post on, google images let’s see the step to be followed:
    • Firstly, search for someone in their niche, who writes lots of guest posts.
    • Secondly, one needs to grab the URL of the headshot that they use in their author bio.
    • Finally, one must drop that URL into google reverse image search. And yes! One gets a list of places that guest posts present to them on a silver platter.

Tools of Link Building

Some best link building tools are:

  • Pitch Box
  • SEMrush
  • Buzzstream
  • Ontolo
  • BrightLocal
  • Link Assistant
  • Ahrefs
  • Linkody
  • GroupHigh
  • JustReachOut

Techniques of Link Building

Some Link Building Techniques are:

  • Web 2.0 Blogs
  • Social Network Posts
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Web Directories
  • Wiki Articles
  • Press Release
  • Article Directories
  • Web 2.0 Profiles
  • Forum Profiles
  • RSS
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