WordPress : A best platform to build Website for Business

WordPress : A best platform to build Website for Business

WordPress was invented by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little as its co-founder. It was released on the 27th of May, 2003.

It is open-source software, which almost every professional use to build their websites.
It is of two types:

1. WordPress.com – It’s an online blogging platform.
2. WordPress.org – It is a CMS software.

It is of utmost importance as there is no requirement of web designing knowledge to ones to build a website on this tool. It is a contact management system (CMS) where data like text, image, video, etc can be stored on the internet, managed, and can be displayed on one’s website.

Why WordPress?

Although there is google blogger, yet professionals choose WordPress to build their website because it is very easy to make a website on this platform, all one needs to do is to simply attach their hosting service and domain and create a website, unlike the other sources where a person needs to either have the full-fledged knowledge of web designing or hiring the professionals for the same task by paying huge amount of fees.

To make a website, there is a lot of plugins on WordPress and one can add as many options required on it just by installing a plugin. Here, programming knowledge is also not necessary and one can work on the website without it. One can even install a theme and there are lots of options available for which the web designers charge a huge amount of money while one can primarily work upon it in seconds that too without having the knowledge of web designing.

Be it a making of blog, dynamic website, Wikipedia kind of website, or E-commercial website, WordPress is a fantastic platform for all of them. One can make a professional website on WordPress just in few hours.

Is WordPress for free?

Yes! This platform is free of cost. The basic thing one needs to do is to attach their hosting services and domain with wordpress.org, after which one can make the website and run it properly. The professional works in this manner.

If one doesn’t want to/ not afford to invest in hosting or domain, they can simply make the website on wordpress.com. Here, everything is the same except for the domain as one cannot add their custom domain, the domain will not be registered fully by one’s name and it will have wordpress.com with it.

Wix Vs WordPress

Choosing between these 2 is quite difficult as both of them are extremely capable and functional website builders.

Wix WordPress
1) Wix seems easy to build a website on! 1) WordPress is very difficult as one has to deal with lots of technical issues.
2) If one’s website is going to be front for their business, then they must go for Wix. It is suitable for lawyer, photographer, etc. 2) If one’s website is going to be their business, then they must choose the WordPress. For example- blog, e-store, etc.
3) If one is looking to build up 1 or 2 pages website then Wix is strongly recommended for them. 3) It gives one full control over the content and development opportunities.
4) Here, one’s website is not a business but a physical back-end business and the website serves as an online platform for people can see ones workings and get in touch with the owner. 4) It also gives ownership to retain all the content and move across different hosting providers or domain names, etc.
5) It is not that powerful and people mainly prefer offline records than maintaining the files online. 5) Its very powerful in packaging and sending away if one decides to sale off their business along with website.

SEO Friendly CMS, WordPress

The official developers of WordPress are well informed that

  1. It needs to be developed SEO friendly, i.e. in accordance with the contact management system (CMS).
  2. And also WordPress is created with all the rules of SEO in mind.
  3. Currently, if there is any best SEO friendly CMS, then it is of course the WordPress, especially for blogging and e-commerce factors.

Writing SEO Friendly Articles on WordPress

Creating backlinks is extremely important for one’s articles to be ranked on google and it has become very difficult to create the same in 2019. But yeah! One can still drive free traffic without running after backlinks, only if they have a powerful command on on-page SEO. This helps to rank the articles as number 1 on google.

Points to be noted:

  • Headings and subheadings are a must for better SEO optimization and also uses of paragraphs are recommended. For more information read our blog on SEO.
  • The content needs to be of higher quality rather than only quantity.
  • Optimise the length of your article and make the content shareable.
  • Keywords must be chosen wisely with images being optimized.
  • Must use Yoast plugins.
  • Link to previous content and also adding up content regularly is advisable.

Benefits of using WordPress

  1. Ease of use – WordPress is very easy to use to create one’s blog or website. Even a kid without knowledge of it can make it because of its features being simple to handle. One needs only 5 minutes to set up their website and it can be made on the go.
  2. Managed by any computer – This refers to the website management of ones via any computer in the world. It’s also one of the most beneficial fact about WordPress that one can operate it from any corner of the world.
  3. No FTP software required/ HTML editing – While managing one’s website, they do not require any other software like FTP. Even there is no need for editing of HTML as well as coding.
  4. Additional fact – According to some people, it’s an additional fact that the search engine loves WordPress site. If one wants to benefit from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. and wants more traffic on their websites, then they need to build their website/blogs on WordPress.
  5. Command on one’s site – One can do anything on WordPress as it is their site and they have command of it in their hands. They can compare their sites with other blogging or online platforms, WordPress is the most suitable one if one wants to have control over their sites.
  6. Website design is customizable – This is somewhat similar to the above. Here, one can make their website as they want. They can customize the website, also can design it the way they want.
  7. Readymade blog – When one starts with the WordPress, they get already built-in blog ready. A few steps are required for the making of the website but it takes seconds to build blogs on WordPress. It is the best feature of it. WordPress is the trusted site to build one’s blog/ websites by many successful professionals who are earning in lacs on the internet via WordPress.
  8. Extending sites with plugins – Plugins is something which lets the WordPress add the features on it as many as they want. One can search any features related plugins over the internet and can additionally install in it.
  9. Growing sites with business growth – As the business rise and one’s online sites gain popularity, one can also grow their site because WordPress is fully customizable. They can make the websites as they want and also control the rising demands or growth. Read our blog on Digital Marketing for more references.
  10. Multiple users – One can have the sites all by themselves and also can add users as much they want and share with them.
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